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Alan Egan. Teacher. Travel agent. AlanSpeak.

Travelling has been a recurring element in my life since I was young. Nothing exotic, but still fairly recurrent. Anyone who likes to travel will understand that the money factor has put more of a damper on my plans than my own imagination.

Travel is a regular part of life. Cultural tours of Spain offer a whole country at affordable prices even today when prices have gone up so much.

Europe, the Cradle of culture, offers you trips to experience it, and varied options to experience it in many ways, whether by car, by coach, by train, by cruise, or on foot.

And if what your body is asking for is a cruise, then punish it and make that cruise a little longer. Did you know that today you have free buses from many cities in Spain to the port?

Seeing, discovering, learning, for me these are the basic elements of a trip. Of course, not always. Sometimes all you need are a few days of relaxation, beach, an All-Inclusive hotel, and a piña colada to savour that moment while sunbathing in paradise.

As my portfolio grows, so will my website. Save me in your favourites. Keep visiting me, even if it’s just to look at the gallery.

"I'm a teacher and a travel agent.What are your superpowers?"

Alan Egan

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